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Omni Eye Centre is in the Sydney suburb of Kogarah.

Our centre is a full-scope comprehensive practice in eyecare & eye surgery. Our resident ophthalmic consultants, Dr. Allan Ared (Optometrist) and corneal and oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Maloof (Ophthalmologist) are both highly regarded and can always be relied upon to service new, existing and second opinion patients.

Our practice is a listed examination clinic for the civil aviation safety authority (CASA) and Services NSW (RTA) for car and heavy vehicle licence renewals.

Along with the Sydney Eye Hospital, our rooms are also an accredited off-campus teaching institute for the University of Sydney (USYD) School of Medicine's, Situated Learning in Community Environments (SLICE) program, an initiative for general practitioner clinical rotation placements.

Dr Ared's broadcasts on Sydney radio on 2GB holds the record for the longest continuous live radio eye program in Australia. It is our seamless transfer of care between optometry and ophthalmology and our eye doctors' combined knowledge, caring manner, attention to detail and vast clinical experience which sets us apart.

Convenience, efficiency, professionalism, and expert specialty care is the Omni difference! Consultations can be made by telephone, email or online via the 'BOOK NOW' form.

We look forward to 'seeing' you soon.

Eye Exams


We encourage everyone to get their eyes examined regularly. A thorough ophthalmic examination will check the state of your vision as well as identify any signs of an eye disease.


This non-surgical procedure eliminates the need for glasses or daytime contact lenses. Specially designed contact lenses will reshape your eye while you sleep, providing clearer vision.
Glaucoma Screening


We can help with the intervention and management of glaucoma if detected early enough. A simple screening from can help determine if you're affected by glaucoma and what you can do to combat it.
Omni Eye Centre Contact Lens Specialist


We provide fitted soft lenses, hard lenses, disposable lenses, keratoconus lenses or corneal reshaping lenses that are comfortable and effective alternatives to glasses.
Keratoconus Specialists


Omni Eye Centre offer keratoconus solutions such as hard contact lenses, cross collagen linking and corneal transplantation. Fixing any distortion that your eyes may have.
Eye Health Assessments


Omni Eye Centre offers an in-house comprehensive array of diagnostic eye scans, internal and external ocular imaging and treatment modalities, for a wide variety of ocular health disorders.
Children's Vision


Your child may suffer from visual problems that affect their learning. Bring them into the Omni Eye Centre for an assessment and talk to us about our vision programs for children.
Occupational Vision


Does your business require specific eyewear? Talk to Omni about protective, ergonomic eyewear that is appropriate for the workplace.

How your eye connects to the brain

Each eye has corresponding miniature optic nerves, or little cables of nerve fibers made up of a collection of neuronal axons, which are the points of connection between the retina and the brain.

Light particles (photons) enter the eye, where the retina transforms them into neurons (nerve signals) which then travel along these optic nerves to the primary visual cortex in our brain. Around 40-50% of our brain is involved in visual processing.

There are also six muscles that attach to the eye to move it. These muscles originate in the eye socket (orbit) and work to move the eye up, down, side to side, and rotate the eye.


Omni Eye Centre has partnered with numerous high-end lens laboratories to offer our patients a broad selection of premium lens designs. We will work through the best lens option to suit your prescription. Our new and exciting lens technologies will not only make you see better but also offer a natural view of the world without wavy distortion which some patients experience with some of those generic inferior optical lens designs.


We have exclusive access to some of the latest in high-end optical fashion and the best brands. With a wide range of frames available, we are sure to be able to suit your eyewear design needs.
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8 Gray St. Kogarah NSW

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