Contact Lenses

We provide fitted soft lenses, hard lenses, disposable lenses, keratoconus lenses or corneal reshaping lenses that are comfortable and effective alternatives to glasses.

We all know the benefits of contact lenses. Freedom from glasses, better spatial awareness, and clearer vision are but a few of many. However Contact lens wear success relies on the following three key aspects:

The contact lens material

  • Wettability properties;
  • Biocompatibility;
  • Oxygen transmissibility

The contact lens solution

  • Its cleaning ability;
  • Conditioning and lubricating;
  • Disinfecting criteria;

The contact lens fit

  • Ideal lens movement;
  • Centration over the cornea;
  • Comfort on the eye

The contact lens examination must be comprehensive enough to ensure good outcomes. Similar to having a custom made suit or dress, custom made contact lenses are the most ideal way to correct vision to the exact specifications of the eye and to minimise any disruptions to the normalcy of the ocular surface. This is why we were amongst the first in Australia to introduce the Oculus Pentacam eye scanning technology for our contact lens wearing patients. Safety, convenience accuracy and simplicity are what our contact lens patients want.

The Oculus Pentacam has been clinically proven to be the most accurate and highly sought after corneal topographer in the world.

When it comes to the fitting of contact lenses, an instrument which almost replicates the true shape of the cornea will always yield better and more precise outcomes. Being amongst the first users of the Pentacam technology in Australia we take care and pride with our approach to contact lens fitting. Our experience in this field is what sets us apart.

Eye conditions such as keratoconus, corneal grafts, corneal scarring, high astigmatism, corneal ectasia, myopia, hyperopia and presbyopia are far easier to correct utilising the Scheimpflug (rotating camera) within the Pentacam. It also streamlines the fitting of Orthokeratology overnight corrective lenses.

At Omni we are proud to be the contact lens specialists. If your eyes are tricky or a complex case or if you have experienced a bad contact lens outcome elsewhere then allow us to demonstrate the Omni contact lens wearing experience.


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